Silvera Services

In collaboration with the architect, interior designer and stylist, we offer a complete service:

-Advising Mood Boards

-Measuring, making and fitting curtains

At our showroom is the ability (possibly together with your customer) a complete color scheme to work.

Besides fabrics for curtains and furniture we also offer furniture in various furniture stores.

Want a customized advice please make an appointment to visit our showroom at our Customer Service Desk +31.36.5479040 or email

Our completed projects in collaboration with:


Rivierstaete Amsterdam
In samenwerking met CRV ontwikkeling

Rivierstaete Amsterdam

Hotel Duin en Kruidberg
In samenwerking met Firma van der Moolen Heemstede

Hotel Duin en Kruidberg

Hotel Corpus
In samenwerking met Hotel Bedding Katwijk

Hotel Corpus

Hotel de Roskam Gorssel
In samenwerking met Firma Eikelhof Marienheem

Hotel de Roskam Gorssel

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